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In Press

  • Geher, G., & Wedberg, N. A. (in press). Evolutionary Psychology and Warfare. In P. Joseph (Ed.). SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives. Los Angeles: Sage.

Feb 2016

  • Wedberg, N. A., & Geher, G. (2016). Evolutionary Mismatch and the Large-Scale Shaping of Cultural Norms. ASEBL Journal, 12(1), 23-24.

Nov 2014   

  • Gallup, G. G., Ampel, B. C., Wedberg, N. A., & Pogosjan, A. (2014). Do orgasms give women feedback about mate choice? Evolutionary Psychology: An International Journal Of Evolutionary Approaches to Psychology And Behavior, 12(5), 958-978.








In Progress

  • Co-author on a paper regarding statistical variability underlying male/female differences across various dimensions

  • Co-author on Sage Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspective section

  • Co-author paper on effectiveness and implications of evolution education for teachers

Journal Publications
Academic Publications 

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